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Purpose of personal data processing, Administrator's statement, Storage of additional information, Use of cookies, License conditions for using the PO>STUDIUM portal

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Validity: all the portal PO>STUDIUM

I agree that the controller of the portal PO>STUDIUM, division of CU in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, collects, stores and processes personal data included in this form for the purposes defined below. My consent applies to all data included in this form for an indefinite period of time from the date of granting the consent. Equally I am aware of my rights pursuant according to Act No. 110/2019 Coll. on the Processing of Personal Data. I have been acquainted with all the parts of the form. All filled out data are true and correct and I have provided them on my own free will.

Purpose of personal data processing

In compliance with Act No. 110/2019 Coll. on the Processing of Personal Data, all personal data collected in this form are collected and processed exclusively for the purpose of sending information to the user registered in the portal PO>STUDIUM via electronic means (under Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain Information Society Services), e.g. information concerning News, Discussions and Consultation. The user may refuse to receive the information any time afterwards – see the information embodied in the text figuring in the footnote of each e-mail sent by the portal PO>STUDIUM. For his internal needs the controller may use summarized data from this form for statistical purposes.

Declaration of controller

The controller declares that he will collect personal data in an extent that is necessary for fulfilment of the specified purpose and process them only in accordance with the purpose for which the data were collected. Employees of the controller, other natural persons who process personal data on the basis of an agreement concluded with the controller and other persons shall be obliged to maintain confidentiality of personal data and security measures whose publishing would endanger the security of personal data. The obligation to maintain confidentiality shall survive termination of employment or the relevant work.

Storage of other information

The following access information are stored when the website content is requested from the e-learning platform PO>STUDIUM:

  • Client’s IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Accessed website
  • Return code of the website server request
  • Size of the provided file
  • Website referring to the distributed website ("Referer")
  • Identification of the type of browser given by the web browser
  • In case of error: error notification issued by the web server

These data are stored exclusively for technical and statistical purposes. The data or their parts are not sent to other databases and they are not transferred to a third party. All transmissions of data shall be done under safe conditions.

Furthermore all data provided voluntarily by the users, as well as data collected during the usage of the platform, are stored. It concerns personal posts on forums, blogs and wiki. These data may be used for teaching and learning purposes in order to finish tasks of a course.

Use of cookies

Two following types of cookies (small blocks of data) are used in the e-learning platform PO>STUDIUM:

  1. Moodle ID: in case of this cookie, after being used for the first time, the login name is stored on the moodle platform even after the log out. The user name is automatically shown for further login data. The use of this cookie is not obligatory.
  2. Session Moodle: This cookie is necessary for keeping the login information when visiting another site of the moodle site. This cookie is deleted once the website has been closed or once the user has logged out from the moodle platform. The usage of this cookie file is obligatory.

Licence conditions of the use of the portal PO>STUDIUM

Validity: all the portal PO>STUDIUM

All works published on the portal PO>STUDIUM are subject to the licence Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-SA. If you want to use a work published on the portal PO>STUDIUM:

  • you must quote it in a way mentioned in each work,
  • you must keep the licence if you create a derivative (modified) work,
  • you may not use it for commercial purposes.

The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen is the holder of a non-exclusive licence for all copyright works published on the portal PO>STUDIUM.

Healthcare professional

Validity: only selected materials on the portal PO>STUDIUM

Selected study materials on the portal PO>STUDIUM are intended for healthcare professionals in the Czech Republic, not for non-expert public.

A healthcare professional means a person entitled to prescribe or dispense human medicinal products (doctor, pharmacist).